Old Chimney: Brimstone (England: Pilsner: 6.1% ABV)

Visual: Pale clear apple juice brown gold with a decent thumb thickness of bubbly white head. Many small bubbles sizzle in the main body.

Nose: Cloves, jiff lemon. What. Cinnamon and orange peel.

Body: Slick texture, slight thickness. Honey, lemon and wheat. Sturdy and smooth.

Finish: Honey on white toast. Dry finish. Some hops and a lick of raspberry.

Conclusion: A honey thickened lager is the best way I can describe this after drinking this charming beer. More on texture than flavour, it really is that touch extra thickness that makes it stand out.

It’s above middle for the style and hardly any fizziness thank goodness, reasonable flavour and an intriguing unique selling point in the texture and honey style. A beer for when light lager mead sounds like just the thing you need.