Brewdog: Abstrakt: AB 01 (Scotland: Quadruple:10.2% ABV)

Visual: Dark cloudy brown red with an instant large frothy bubbled head.

Nose: Hops, cinnamon and mulled wine. Fudge, raisins, cream and sour cherry.

Body: Raspberry, hoppy and wheaty. Bitter cored and frothy textured. Oak, no hint of alcohol. Cherry. Brandy snaps. Brown sugar. Vanilla and nuts. Toffee, treacle sponge.

Finish: Blackcherry and raisins, toffee, strawberry syrup, bitter liquorice. Treacle. Grapefruit, but and hops. Lemon meringue. Champagne.

Conclusion: A very refreshing and wheaty take on the ABT style, it almost feels like a summer refresher with its light wheat and fruit touches, definite calls to the weissbier in the style.

Lots going on in the finish which roams amongst a wonderful range depending on which particular sip or mouthful you have taken this time. The body is subtle and refrains from harsh actions – highly unexpected in a Brewdog. Feels influenced by a kriek lambic in a way, very distinctive in how all the radical different style elements integrate.

An interesting and experimental beer, blends styles in a fascinating way, but just missed out on that something that would make it a knockout punch of awesome. Imagine a mellow wheat beer combined with a kriek lambic layered over a dark Belgium ale. See what I mean by fascinating?

To finish, hell yeah its complex, wonderful fudge and treacle at the back of the body, tasty and rewarding, I may be judging it slightly harsh due to its price tag, but it isn’t quite together. There is still a lot going on and enjoyable, maybe a years aging will bring it all together.

Still bloody nice, and grows on you as you drink it.