Innis and Gunn: Canadian Cask (Scotland: Strong Ale: 7.1% ABV)

Visual: Dark cherry red and oak. Bubbly brown head, large but short lived.

Nose: Musky oak, gin and sweat. Sour cherry, raisin. Old Clothes shops.

Body: Smooth, toffee, moderate hops. Raspberry, slight bitterness. Mellow whisky and vanilla extract. Rounded oak influences on the main body. Attics and grain stores.

Finish: Fudge, bakewells. Sour cherry. Slight gin feel again. Grapes and white wine.

Conclusion: Smooth and decent, lovely fudge finish and easy going. A nice mix of just so sweetness and whisky smooth body.

A decent experience of a beer- mellow, not extravagant. Comes across more of a refinement of a standard Innis and Gunn than a completely new beer. Not a bad thing in most respects.

Slightly dry and sour, decent added complexity to the main Inns and Gunn and gives a different character to an already enjoyable mainstream beer.