Nøgne-Ø: Porter (Norway: Porter: 7% ABV)

Visual: Dark black, filtering towards bright cherry red at the base. Frothy coffee brown head that doesn’t shift.

Nose: Light toffee, fragrant hops. Slightly grassy, dry. Very milky coffee.

Body: Lots of roasted nuts, rough chalky texture. Bitter charring and chocolate. Crushed grain. Chocolate liquor/chocolate cream.

Finish: Bitter chocolate, very dry. Roasted oats. Lots of ovaltine in this finish. Chocolate cake, raisin. Becomes a milky chocolate towards the end of the pint.

Conclusion: What I took originally to be an uninspired porter with its light nose and mixed early tastes ended up blooming into a slow burn of a porter with chocolate cake richness under the bitter dry body.

It’s a growing experience of a beer that subtly implies its alcohol and hints at flavours early on that only coyly reveal themselves over the full lifespan of the ale.

Impressive then, if not showy, the taste really sneaks up on you, until you suddenly realise how much you’ve enjoyed it