Dogfish Head: 60 Minute IPA (USA: IPA: 6% ABV)

Visual: Solid burnished amber with a strident layer of bubbled head.

Nose: Aromatic floral hoppiness – the lightest of earthy spices, turmeric. Subtle wood. Freshly cut harvest. Rose petals. Little touch of acid freshness pops up to reawaken the aroma.

Body: Hops, slight chalk. Rye crackers. Wholemeal bread. Wheat germ. Dough, sultanas. Honey. Strawberry. Slight cream after a while.

Finish: Hops, lemon cake, chalk, Decent bitterness, slight charring. Dry malt.

Conclusion: A robust IPA with a wonderful mellow aroma. Very subtle in its dealings. The body is rounded with light touches and influences rather than brute force. There is subtle sweetness that only come through about half way through the drink – this a beer that measures itself for the long run rather than giving up all its charms at once.

A dry IPA with a decent session character, if not ABV. Very well put together for a lighter yet still robust IPA. It won’t shift the place Punk IPA holds in my heart, but I could happily drink both in the same session.