Bowmore 15 Year (Darkest) (Scottish Islay Single Malt Whisky: 15 Years Old: 40% ABV)

Visual: Ruddy red amber bronze.

Viscosity: A moderate amount of streaks, fast and fast forming yet thick.

Nose: Dark chocolate, syrup. Slight grain and salt. Smooth. Blackforest gateaux. Slight sherried fruit and spices. More golden syrup comes out with water along with strawberry.

Body: Really spicy and full of red fruits. Raspberry and bitter chocolate. Rich fruitcake. Water adds honey snaps and much sweeter taste plus a touch of roasted feel.

Finish: Dry smooth chocolate. Shortbread and digestives. Slight bitter and smoke, but very slight. Roasted nuts and salt.

Conclusion: Luxury chocolate in a whisky glass. Dark and rich, this is a top notch whisky for savouring in a smoking jacket before a warm fire. Wonderful rich fruits come out in the body – this rakes a great deal of complexity and layers it upon light Islay touches.

Very fine, and feels distinctly distinguished. Highly recommended for those who like a little force in their elaborate chocolate whiskies.