Maisels Weisse Dunkel (Germany: Dunkel weizen: 5.2% ABV)

Visual: Cloudy reddish brown, a shimmering range of colour and a moderate off white head.

Nose: Malty chocolate, coriander and wheat.

Body: Ovaltine, lots of wheat, malt.

Finish: Cherry liquor and milk chocolate. Lemon. Slightly bitter and charred end, lightly done. Black hard liquorice bits at the back.

Conclusion: A decent dunkel with a great finish as I’m coming to expect from the Maisel range, yet this one has a decent body to match.

Decent lasting flavour with masterful balance, this is well crafted dunkel with summer freshness and slight bitter chocolate intermixed.

A good outing and in the better half of the dunkel set for sure.