Maisels Weisse Kristall (Germany: Kristall weizen: 5.1% ABV)

Visual: Light clear yellowed colour, good inch of thick froth which could do with a flake. Decent carbonation within the body.

Nose: Crisp, fresh cut green peppers. Coriander and wheat. Fresh jiff lemon.

Body: Wheaty and crisp. Not too heavy set. Slight golden syrup. Malt. Orange and lemon. Lemon sponge. Banana.

Finish: Honey, wheat. Lemon pancakes. Very fresh. Chives.

Conclusion: It’s all in the finish. The main body leans towards a more standard lager freshness but without too much flavour, adding just a few wheat and lemon touches. It shies away from controversial elements as if afraid to offend.

The finish is where it opens up, showing surprising character from what seemed to be a shy wallflower. It makes for an easy drinking yet appealing beer. Not the full package, but enough does slip through to occasionally fool you. A decent enough thirst quencher.

Note: Half way through the beer and the body does expand with some banana as it warms up. A nice extra bit which makes it a good summer beer, if still not the most firm bodied.