Nøgne Ø #100 (Norway: Imperial IPA:10% ABV)

Visual: Very dark brown, some sediment, frothy coffee style beige head – this is an IPA?

Nose: Distinct peaches, hops, lots of rich malt and slight malted chocolate. Cola. Milk chocolate, really smooth and creamy.

Body: Creamy hops, lots of cream in fact, lots of chocolate, some coffee, figs and black cherry. Silky textured. Real bitter behind the sweetness. Treacle, molasses, apricot and apples.

Finish: Bitter, apricot and lots of hops. Passion fruit, chives, big IPA hop back, bitter chocolate.

Conclusion: What the hell is this beer? Hopped like an IPA, wonderful peach and hop nose, yet chocolate and coffee in a stout style coming out from its dark body. This is a wondrous style defying ale.

This beer takes you on a tour of the best elements from a multitude of styles and you cannot help but marvel at its complexity. It bodes well that some of the chocolate elements reminded me of the legendry Three Floyd Dark Lord Imperial Stout.

If you expect a standard IPA then look elsewhere as the IPA hoppiness is but a small part of a much larger beer, but if you are looking for a great beer then I can recommend this masterpiece without hesitation.