De Dolle: Bos Keun Speciaal Paasbier (Belgium: Strong Ale: 10% ABV)

Visual: The dolles brewey trademark explosion on opening is there in full force – what is it with these beers and erupting froth? Massive nigh invulnerable white head that leaves traces of lace around the glass, slightly bitty cloudy glowing gold body.

Nose: Grain chaff, cinnamon, barley. Cheap ice cream and ground orange peel. Lemon.

Body: Wheaty, honey and orange. Cane sugar – very sweet. Syrup taste and texture. Sugar nests and mini eggs. Caramel. Chocolate liquorice. Light herbs, cinnamon and sweet spices. Golden syrup cake bars. Malt and strawberry come out after a while – an ever shifting range of sweet flavour.

Finish: Orange, syrup, sweet and dry. Slight cocoa. Chives, toffee and lemon. Candyfloss and banana.

Conclusion Sugar shock sweet is the best way to describe this Easter beer, all sugar, candy shell and syrup. Warming in its alcohol but otherwise the large amount of alcohol seems somewhat subdued. Lots of sweet tooth toffee and candyfloss flavour.

This beer would become sickly very easily, and has the same problem as all dolles brewery beer in that it explodes in froth when you open it, but like all their beers it is a batch of unpredictable flavours that tend towards the enjoyable more often than not.

A bit madcap and over excitable, a beer of surprises and hyper energy, flawed mainly in its unpredictability, but worth a shake of the dice on, as when it on, it is so very good.