Hopback: Summer Lightning (England: Golden Ale: 5% ABV)

Visual: Wonderful sturdy white bubbly head on a light barley coloured body.

Nose: Wheat chaff, easy going hop character and refreshing lemon, grapefruit comes out in its obvious citrus character.

Body: Very fresh and sharp citrus, orange and lime. The froth hides a wonderful sherbet lemon when it is in full flow. Good malt and slight bitter hop. Really refreshing. Just a hint of froth in the character. Vanilla at the back.

Finish: Lime jelly comes in strong, light malt. Sour end but not overdone. Finally some dry hops and sweet syrup.

Conclusion: Oh what a thirst quencher in the heat, no wonder this one of the few English beers available in Cyprus.

Just enough variety in the body to enjoy, and a lovely slightly sour end to refresh. It’s a beer to tide through a hot oppressive summer. In winter you would find it distinctly out of place and awkward, but in the summer months it can dance gaily and display its range of charms. (With its name you could almost believe they realised this fact)

Well worth drinking on an afternoon otherwise lost to heat induced slothery.