Innis and Gunn: Triple Matured (Scotland: Strong Ale: 7.2% ABV)

Visual: Dark rum red brown with a little dash of an off white head.

Nose: Rum, oak and malt. Lots of wood and wood shavings. Wheat chaff/grain and dry hops.

Body: Thick cream, raisins and charred wood. Blackcurrent/ blackcherry. Brandy snaps and raspberry Toffee, red wine and milk chocolate. Sherried fruit.

Finish: Milk, dry textured and white bread. Toffee. Sour touches in an understated fashion.

Conclusion: This is a top notch smooth beer – lovely rum and chocolate – the distinctive Innis and Gunn style, similar to the rum cask but smoother and richer.

Probably the most accomplished Innis and Gunn beer I have tried and brilliantly rich, just a notch below the world class efforts but damn good. A beer of high quality that slips well into many a social situation, from casual drinking to classy parties.

Very well crafted.