Oakham: Asylum (England: Bitter: 4.5% ABV)

Visual: Pine, with an oranged hue and a small bubbly white head.

Nose: Grapefruit, light yet fresh hops. Some sharp lemon. Citrus dominated with passion fruit and a hint of strawberry. Very well done.

Body: Pineapple, lime jelly, vanilla and toffee traces. Good malt backbone and hops laced throughout the flavours in balanced and not overpowering measures.

Finish: Strawberry and hops with a growing bitterness and light charring that gives an edge to the lighter flavour. Popcorn and popcorn butter. Lemon. Finally a nice traditional ale finish emerges.

Conclusion: Very well put together bitter, bringing a new wave style excitement to an oft overly traditional style. Reminds me somewhat of the brewdog brands with the grapefruit and pineapple elements – however they tie this into a solid bitter core without compromising either element which gives a traditional core and exciting range and makes it very much its own thing. Nice sweet and fruity with decent bitterness, a very balanced rounded pint.

Very easy to appreciate, and yes you could have a few pints, though probably a tad strong flavoured for a long session pint. An almost punk IPA take on a bitter and very impressive at that. May not be worth quite the journeys I went to in order to try it, but definitely worth trying in nigh any other circumstance.