Old Chimney: Amber Porter (England: Porter: 4.8% ABV)

Visual: Dark reddish brown, fizzy off white head that lasts only a few seconds. Slightly fizzy body initially but flattens out quickly.

Nose: Raw coffee beans, milk chocolate and oak. Hint of black cherry.

Body: Milk chocolate, bitter core. Black coffee touches and burnt elements. Treacle. Slight whitener and oak, black cherry is hinted at but not fully formed. Light understated chocolate sweetness in the undercurrent.

Finish: Dry wheat, charring and burnt ashes. Bitter. Quite noticeable run of coffee beans.

Conclusion: A solid porter, heavier in the flavours shown than most, closer to the elements of a sturdy bitter than the lighter expressions that comes in the creamier porters. A more restrained and understated experience.

A slowly expressive pint, not the best I’ve had but it does the job. The restrained style does make it seem closer to a bitter in a lot of ways as I mentioned, it’s a pint that keeps things close to its chest, but does seem worthy if you take the time to investigate.