Old Chimney: Good King Henry (England: Imperial Stout: 9.6% ABV)

Visual: Extreme dark brown black with liquor thickness on the pour and no head. Small bubbles occasionally pop through its still form

Nose: Bitter chocolate, molasses and coconut macaroons. Sherried fruit and liquorice, then fruitcake comes through on a swirl. Blackforest gateaux. Condensed cream, lots of treacle. Apples and brandy cream.

Body: Chocomilk, nuts, smooth and thick. Cream. Chocolate truffles. Deliciously done charring. Slight vanilla as though bourbon aged, even though it is not. Raisins. Dates at the back. More brandy cream and blackcherries.

Finish: Bitter chocolate and coconut flakes. Coffee touches, almonds, toffee. Dry and lasting.

Conclusion: Even the non special reserve version of this beer is exceptional it seems. Whilst not as complex as its bigger brother its more chocolaty simpler body puts it in direct competition with Three Floyds Dark Lord, which it compares very well against.

Its nose is still very impressive, if more subdued than the SE. Its slightly simpler body lets the sweet frothy chocolate nature take full hold for a rich delicious beer, wonderful and potent.

Brilliantly smooth and rich stout, the only word against it is the existence of the Special Reserve edition. Besides that it is still a wonder in its own right.

Music listened to whilst drinking: Yoko Kanno: Kissing the Christmas Killer.