Milestone: Raspberry Wheat Beer (England: Wheat Ale: 5.6% ABV)

Visual: Light hazy golden brown with a sheen of white bubbles.

Nose: Slight sour hops and raw meat, not particularly appetising. A muddled sharpness.

Body: Light raspberry and cream. Ice cream Sunday and strawberry syrup. Raspberry ripple. Sweet and dirty, bubble gum.

Finish: Raspberry, hops and vanilla ice cream. Slight raw chicken and a slight hop bitterness.

Conclusion: If ever there was a lying nose this is it, the nose is a turgid horror, a weak and rank aroma. The beer proper however is raspberry ripple ice-cream or a screwball ice-cream – whilst that may or may not be your thing it certainly is different. I found it quite enjoyable, if only to have it shatter my expectations.

A nice little surprise in a glass.