Art Brew: (Hip Hop) Green Bullet (England: Golden Ale: 4.3% ABV)

Visual: Light yellow grain clear with a small bubbled head.

Nose: Light lemon fresh and sharp, jiff and orange.

Body: Lemon cheesecake, slightly sharp. Sweet. Jaffa cake centre and sponge. Lots of citrus and slightly sour.

Finish: Slight bitter, malt and hops. Malted drink, quite a bit of dry zesty hops. Sour, ground lemon peel. Very sharp.

Conclusion: Bit of a wake up call, citrus and a touch of hops. Slightly sour. Nothing fancy but refreshing. The hops at the end is overdone for a summer refresher. A decent spark but not one to have often, a touch rough and ready rather than a fully rounded experience.