Orval: Orval (Belgium: Belgium Ale (Trappist):6.2% ABV)

Visual: Hazy brown filtering down to a lighter amber with a massive frothy just off white head that’s rock steady.

Nose: Light peppered and mild hops, smooth, coriander. Very slight coffee, light ground orange peel.

Body: Pepper, wheat, dark bitterness, touch of lime and brown sugar. Malt chocolate. Chalky texture.

Finish: Dry hops, dry bitterness, dry chocolate, kinda dry.

Conclusion: The weakest of the trappist ales, so still a very decent beer. A lightly peppered wheaty ale, heavily flavoured throughout, but without a massive range. Bitter, and some subtle flavours make for a more earthy experience with just a hint of chocolate sweetness.

A very good earthy dark ale, it only seems weak when compared to other Trappist ales.