Radeberger Pilsner (Germany: Pilsner: 4.8% ABV)

Visual: Pale as can be, large lacy bubbled head and carbonation bubbles that seem to roam the glass in a double helix formation.

Nose: Slightly sour, grain and cooked chicken. Mash tuns.

Body: Slight sugar dustings, still some sour, distinct hop character. Turned earth and moderate dry malt. Surprisingly smooth considering the carbonation. Pineapple. Works better with some head still on the pint. Light syrup.

Finish: Dry wheat flakes, bitter hoppiness – higher than expected in a lager – Indeed a decent hop finish. Sour pineapples and orange.

Conclusion: Quite a hoppy wee pilsner, which threw me for a while. Sour dough mash and other elements make an unexpected appearance in the flavours. Distinctly different for the style.

So does it work? Not overly to my eyes. The beer is smooth and it is not unpleasant, but the distinctive elements just don’t work for me.

As an unusual take on the style, I do respect what they are doing with it, and I hope that it turns out to be to someone style, but it’s not mine.