Dalmore 12 Year Old (Scottish Highland single malt whisky: 12 years Old: 40% ABV)

Visual: Dark copper.

Viscosity: Medium speed and thickness, takes a few moments to pucker.

Nose: Honey glazed sugar lattice, planed wood. Punchy strength, cinnamon and sherry soaked grapes. Brown sugar. Gas fire. Pencil shavings. Alters heavily to wild flowers, light and sweet with water.

Body: Honey and treacle. Apricot, marzipan and almonds. Water adds raspberry, butterscotch and spice.

Finish: Oak, light, slight burnt and alcohol. Comparatively simple compared to the rest of the whisky.

Conclusion: A distinguished relaxed whisky with a nonchalant air. Whilst a cigar would ruin the taste it most definitely matches the image. A brilliant nose and a punchy sweet body are combined with enough force to make the flavour stick.

The only weakness is the finish that is somewhat light, however this is a whisky that has aroused an interest in its distillery and I will have to seek out more expressions from them.

A whisky for relaxed companionship, warm fires and dinner jackets.