Pitfield: 1850 Porter (England: Porter: 5% ABV)

Visual: Dark black with a thin nutty brown head.

Nose: Coffee, dry, nutty. Slightly milky. Some treacle sweetness.

Body: Fizzy texture, frothy. Huge nuttiness. Charring and sweet treacle. Surprisingly sweet final moments

Finish: nutty, dry and wholegrain flour. liquorice.

Conclusion: Very nutty powerful and sweet. Not big on subtlety, almost over forceful into sickly sweetness. It just manages to hold back from overdoing it.

Not a session beer then, more a weight of flavour dropped directly onto your tastebuds in liquid form. Best to be consumed alongside a hearty meal that can hold up and contrast against the strong flavours within. This will ensure that each mouthful is a fresh experience.