Thornbridge: Jaipur (England: IPA: 5.9% ABV)

Visual: Light, completely clear yellow orange with a decent clear white bubbled head.

Nose: Lime and decent hops, toffee and lemon.

Body: Creamy with decent hops, then more hops! Orange peel. Fluffy, lime/lime jelly and vanilla.

Finish: Massive hops, little lime, touch of milk chocolate.

Conclusion: Hellish high hops with a bit of citrus back defines this heavy going IPA. It doesn’t play a wide range but delivers a great punch.

Not the best I’ve had, but a distinct hop attack with enough flavour behind to make it worthwhile. In the higher end of assault IPAs, definitely behind Hopslam and Hardcore IPA V2. Not a subtle beast and proud of it.