Freeminer: Harvest Ale (England: ESB: 4.8% ABV)

Visual: Clear varnished mahogany with a brownish head.

Nose: Lots of wheat chaff seed, Milk chocolate and ash. Hops and some cream.Wood shavings and malt drinks.

Body: Decent hops, slight sourness. Cherry. Solid malt. Barley. Toffee,grain and milk chocolate.

Finish: Lime, malt chocolate. Light bitterness. Grapes. Ash, seeds.

Conclusion: An amazingly solid pint. Despite being part of the Co-op range,it manages not to follow Tesco Value lager into the “own brand are excrement” range.

Solid flavours, good sturdy body. An old style pint done with clear distinct flavours and a lovely lasting finish. Very harvest infused flavours they are too.

A brilliant balanced pint, wished I’d picked up a few more when I had the chance.