Abbeydale: Beerworks Doctor Morton’s Milk Of Amnesia (England: Belgium
White: 4.5% ABV)

Visual: Steamed lemon yellow with a thin dust of a head.

Nose: Lemon curd, whipped cream, icing sugar. Meringue. Slightly sharp.

Body: Lemon, lots of wheat, quite mild acidity all things considered, Grapes and custard.

Finish: Lemon/Jiff lemon with bitterness intermixed. Cinnamon on apples and vanilla.

Conclusion: Refreshing, but without the accompanying sourness that often entails. In some points seems to call to the German Weisse to complement its natural Belgium style.

Nicely done, with the dash of cinnamon at the back significantly enhancing what would otherwise be too single note a drink. A well done English take on a wit bier, not a showstopper but satisfying enough.

In the end it feels like a sweetened lemon meringue of a beer, and that’s nice enough by me.