Brewdog: Paradox: Anniversary Edition Batch 04: 1968 Islay Cask (Bowmore) (Scotland: Imperial Stout: 10% ABV)

(Drunk 2010: Bottle 180 of 200)

Visual: Opaque black with a dim white island of froth rather than a head.

Nose: Condensed cream, salt, fish oil. Slightly sickly sweet. Vanilla and toffee. Marzipan.

Body: liquorice, treacle and blackcherry. Roast beef and Yorkshire pudding, then a punchy thick sweetness. Sour grapes and bitterness offset the sweetness from milk chocolate and brandy cream.

Finish: More liquorice, charring, delicate chocolate. Golden syrup, saltiness as if of sea water.

Conclusion: The rare anniversary Paradox aged in the legendary Bowmore distilleries 40 year old cask. Sounds like it should be a marvel, and like I’ll paradox’s I’ve tried, it is very nice.

This version has a forceful sweet body with blackcherry offsetting the island harshness. Very nice and distinctive. I would like to compare with the Bowmore 40 year old whisky, buuuuut, I cant. Because I’ve not drunk it. Anyone who wishes to send me a bottle for research purposes will find me grateful.

It’s got a huge range, fruit, salt, oil in the nose, lots going on and well worth taking time to examine. The sweet blackcherry back is really what makes it – almost a crumble sweetness after the harsh touches.

As paradoxes go, it’s just above the Isle of Arran, which is both awesome, and the problem. This isn’t a cheap wee beer, and whilst very nice , it only Just beats a much cheaper Paradox.

So fantastic beer, but for the same cash, you could get all of my top three imperial stouts and an Isle Of Arran.

So (again) whilst it is great, its not quite *that* great. Still if you’re rich enough not to mind, sure, give it a try.

Besides, have to say I enjoyed it.