Blindmans: Sahara (England: Bitter: 4.3% ABV)

Visual: Slightly toffee/caramel with a bubbly off white head.

Nose: Toffee, light hops, cream and spiced drinks.

Body: Toffee, slight dry spice, cinnamon. Malt, bitter hop back, Jamaican Ginger Cake, quite drying.

Finish: Spice and bitterness, some unobtrusive aniseed. Cloves. Caramel. Slight bityer and just slightly sour at the end.

Conclusion: This beer takes its name seriously – drying and spicy with an almost ginger beer style drying effect.

A tasty and different pint with the toffee sweet touch keeping it from being too dry and the slight sour back keeps it fresh. It’s got a wonderful character and keeps itself from getting dull.

This is a brilliant drink for a refined, but not thirst quenching, pint. Best viewed as a cold day’s pint. Since I’ve yet to run into a ginger beer that experiments with a range of flavours, this is the next best thing.