Baladin: Isaac (Italy: Belgium Witbier:5% ABV)

Visual: Light, slightly bitty. A thin yellowed colour, its slightly steamy nature adds a bit more weight to an otherwise weak colour. When poured a fizz bubbles out, but never fully forms to a head.

Nose: Light lemon, slightly sherbet texture. Lots of wheat and a bit of cream. Cellar edge and ginger snaps.

Body: Ginger is the first obvious notes, brown sugar and traditional style lemonade. Honey, bitterness can be found as you roll it round your mouth but you have to go looking for it. Lemon meringue and pineapple.

Finish: Brown sugar, slightly dry and acidic. More traditional lemonade. Apples and custard.

Conclusion: Very easily drinkable, you can see why it comes in a large bottle.

The slight spiciness and ginger makes what would be otherwise a too thin body remarkably drinkable- It would session fantastically, the abv is just a smidge too high but you don’t feel it in the taste. The subtle notes allow for a beer you can keep drinking, though as it’s not the most complex of beers you feel it would be best taken with conversation with friends. Buy in a batch of bottles and keep the group hydrated throughout.

So, a remarkable sipping drink, fine for casual conversation and with enough to keep you interested with its light and fruity nature, though not particularly weighty.

It feels like a perfect beer for watching a sunset, in that moment between a summer day’s lager and a cold nights porter.