Glen Scotia 12 (Scottish Campbeltown Single Malt Whisky: 12 years: 40% ABV)

Visual: Moderate burnished orange.

Viscosity: A mix of fast and medium trails of moderate thickness.

Nose: Light grassy, syrup and planed wood. The lightest touch of smoke. Quite easy going. Airy grain stores and fresh glazed pastries. Smoothes to a more floral bouquets with water. – Crushed petals.

Body: Sweet, grassy. Much sweeter with water when vanilla and toffee comes out. Even more water replaces that with custard sweetness.

Finish: Light charred oak, crushed leaves and slight menthol. Grain. Water brings out tree bark, malt drink and fudge.

Conclusion: Aha, finally, the last Campbeltown distillery I had yet to try, and a surprisingly simple bodied one. A light grassy sweet thing without a huge range to its name.

Not the best Campbeltown then, initially too simple but water does give it some legs.

With water the whisky expands in the nose and finish, with the finish especially benefiting with contrasting bark and fudge elements.

The body also expands its sweet range, just not to the same extent. Though the contrast with the grassiness becomes more obvious and brings interest to the sipping. One to two teaspoons really does the trick and brings the whisky to where it should be.

Oddly then a whisky you wish for the end of, well the end of each sip so to enjoy the floating flavours, not the end of the dram.