Founders: KBS (Kentucky Breakfast Stout) (USA: Imperial Stout: 11.2% ABV)

Visual: Opaque black, froths coffee brown but doesn’t settle. The pouring is thick and slick.

Nose: Roasted elements and charring, lots of rich yet bitter chocolate. Figs and prunes. Slight coffee. Light vanilla influence. Coconut. Lots of dark sweet fruitiness and dried apricots. Almost sickly sweet.

Body: Smooth, chocolate and toffee. Blackcherry and cream. Chocolate ice cream. Mocha. Figs. Dries near the end.

Finish: Light charring, coffee is there but gracefully done- whilst the most lasting finish element is the coffee it never feels overpowering. Grated chocolate flakes and bourbon. chocamocha. Chocolate ice cream.

Conclusion: They really tried to pack everything into this beer, bitter chocolate, coffee traces, dark fruit, bourbon sweetness and a fantastic nose that packs in all that and more.

Of all these elements the chocolate is by far the strongest, it’s almost a chocolate coffee drink that just happens to add alcohol to the mix.

The nose is a notable exception to this as already hinted. Far from being dominated by one element it teases with coconut, fruit and more which really gets the mood right for a fine beer. Reminds me of Good King Henry Special Reserve in that way.

Top notch, after a long time deliberating I couldn’t put it in the top three Imperial Stouts(or is it four by now). Though maybe, just maybe, a direct head to head may change my mind. But for now, just behind.

Still, the only thing against it is that the main body has slightly more limited notes than the very top Imperial Stouts. Then again, that’s still a massive range.

Smooth, creamy, its very much frothy coffee textured and with a powerfully alcohol punch hidden deep below that. In a way I’m glad it such a small bottle, as it would be so easy to keep drinking this to unconsciousness.

A very impressive beer with a great finish.