Downton: New Forest Ale (England: Bitter: 3.8% ABV)

Visual: Light chestnut brown with a small chestnut frothy head.

Nose: Hops, peanuts – crushed and ground. Sine slight cooked chicken. Slight malt and liquorish.

Body: Nuts, malt, ovaltine and sour cherry. Blackcherry. Good milky chocolate on a big gulp. Slightly sweet.

Finish: Malt chocolate drink, bitter and charring. Liquorish. Lemon freshness and sour fruits.

Conclusion: Reminds me somewhat of Pauls homebrew with its mix of sharpness and bitter, it takes a moment to grow on you, though the chocolate balancing out the back gives its most accomplished moments

It’s a big mouthful drink if you want to get the best of the flavour. Not bad, but the finish doesn’t balance up quite right – the main body works pretty decent though on a good swirl round the mouth.

So its ok, but the finish lets it down.