Gordon: Finest Highland Scotch Ale (Belgium: Scotch Ale: 8% ABV)

Visual: Dark mahogany brown, light bubbled head that mounts in islands and small hills of froth rather than cover the drink completely.

Nose: Huge amounts of red cherry and black cherry, honey and treacle wafting over the glass.

Body: Blackcherry, fizzy textured. Treacle, brown sugar and cream. Blueberry and chocolate. Lots of barley and crunchy nut cornflakes. Big malt fruitcake and summer fruit crumble. Sweetened fruit drink/milkshake. Fudge and syrup textured. Lots of big flavours in this competing for attention.

Finish: Liquorish and sweetness. Dry dust and some bitterness. Slight chocolate then more blackcherry and some raisins. Glazed cherries.

Conclusion: Syrup sweet thick and fruity, this is a wonderfully syrup textured and heavy stodgy fruitcake of a beer that weighs you down with its thick flavours.

It’s got brilliant fruit pounding out of it and makes a very good impression of Christmas cake flavours, yet its slickness makes it fine for slow luxurious drinking to allow the heavier elements to seep through your system.

You’ve got to be ready for its nigh sugar shock assault in drinking though, which again emphasises the slow drinking nature of this beer, as long as your ready for that expect a fine beer of enjoyment.