Arbor Ales: Pacific Jade (England: Golden Ale: 4.0% ABV)

Visual: Clear grain yellow after it has had time to clear from the cloudy pour. Large solid bubbled white head.

Nose: Light fluffy hops, pine cones and popcorn. Resin, lemon sorbet. Light vanilla.

Body: Light bitter and greenery, banana. Slight creamy at back. Slight sourness.

Finish: Bitter and resin, chopped leaves, pine and hops. Long lasting, slight wood and twigs. Slightly milky air.

Conclusion: On trying another of the single hope series, I get the feeling this hop is more intended to be added to an already rounded beer rather than being its main component.

It’s got an interesting pine and resin element, which would add massively to the back of a beer. As it stands alone the main body really can’t carry it.

As a beer for learning about hops it is a fascinating tool, but as a pint it doesn’t satisfy.