]Bacchus Bacchus Kriekenbier (Belgium: Fruit Sour Beer: 5.8% ABV)

Visual: Dark cherry red with a sultry brown red frothing head, which varies in tone depending on how dense it lays upon the beer.

Nose: Syrupy cherries, very sweet and sugary. Lots of mashed red cherries and some sour fruit stones. Blackcherry yoghurt. Not a huge amount of variety.

Body: Lots of red and black cherry. Very syrupy, almost too much so. twigs and tiny amounts of fruit acid. Touch of brown sugar.

Finish: Cherry syrup and raspberry ripple ice cream. Blackcherry, toffee and a dry yet sweet end. Raspberry syrup and slight fruit acidity.

Conclusion: The alchopop of fruit beers. Well I’m being a tad harsh there, the beer isn’t actually shit, just very syrupy. It does have a bit of wood and a touch of sour to round it out, but the syrup feel and taste really is massive and without any degree of subtlety.

As something you have one of every now and then, you don’t complain as it has enough sourness to add that touch of interest. But don’t go for it if there is anything with a bit more rounded character to it available instead. It’s just not got enough variety actually going on.

On the other hand, what makes it unappealing to a beer snob can be useful for when dealing with people who claim there will never be a beer that they like, and use this as a jumping on point to introduce them to more interesting variants on the style.