Oakham: Akhenaten (England:ESB:4.9% ABV)

Visual: Clear grain gold with virtually no head of bubbles.

Nose: Orange, hops and syrup, slight citrus fresh. Gooseberries.

Body: Sweet with a backing of stable but strong hops. Orange and syrup. Light fudge, grapes, lemon curd and vanilla. Tingles on the tongue.

Finish: Lime, greenery and growling hops into lasting charred bitterness and sour lime juice.

Conclusion: Fantastic sweet and almost grape and wine feeling beer with a huge hope effort that counterbalances nicely.

Very much a mix of old and new, with the traditional grape and old recipe elements that call back to the Egyptian theme so prominent coming into direct clash with the new wave hop attack. Contrary to all you would expect this results in something wonderful.

Full flavoured and really plays with what can be done with the style, brilliant crafted – the sweet and hops are matched in perfect harmony.

So two beers at the festival so far and both are top notch.

Guest Taster: Dylan

Nose: Sweet/ sharp and sugary. Sweet fruit texture- elderberry.

Body: As with the nose, elderberry is very dominant. Very crisp, sharp but with a smooth tangy aftertaste.

Finish: Very Pleasant fruity beer leaving a tangy aftertaste. Very Good.

Random Quotes

“A well crafted son of a gun”

“A taste we should never forget – the old style ale”