Moor: Peat Porter (England: Porter: 4.5% ABV)

Visual: Very dark ruby red with a dusting of off white head.

Nose: Chocolate, smoke, coffee granules and kind of peat like I guess, maybe. Milk and more smoke.

Body: Bitter chocolate, dry malt, chalk. Gritty taste. Sour towards the swallow. Blackcherry. Slight touch of the promised peat.

Finish: Growing charring and bitterness. Slight medicinal at the very end. Lots of dusty elements in the finish, dry and chalky. Treacle and somewhat earthy. Slight sweetness.

Conclusion: An intriguing concept which, unfortunately, leads to a mediocre ale. It plays the range, but feels slightly too gritty to catch the imagination.

The peat styling of the name can kind of be found on examination, but its so fleeting that it could easily be psychosomatic.

A few nice elements, but it comes together in unrewarding ways. Not terrible, but considering what you can do with a porter this doesn’t excite.