Jever Pilsener(Germany: Pilsner: 4.9% ABV)

Visual: Pale, almost grain hued with a large frothy bubbled head.

Nose: Cooked chicken, light wheat and slightly dusty.

Body: Smooth and malty, sweet. Fresh feeling, Very clear malt backbone and golden syrup.

Finish: Malt dominates, slight wheat, golden syrup and a touch of artificial lemon flavour. Dry and light bitterness with slight peppery accentuation mix in as it rounds out.

Conclusion: A smooth malt dominated pilsner, the kind Germany always does well. Not amazingly exciting, but the dry and just slightly peppery finish gives it that touch of style.

Its smooth and malt flavour puts it significantly above the mainstream crap that passes for lagers, but lets face it, that’s a weak complement and I can give it better than that.  It’s a pilsner with back to make it stay the course. A beer that lives to end, and bring in its graceful dry and slightly hopped finish.