Glenlivet 18 Year (Scottish Speyside Single Malt Whisky: 18 Years : 43% ABV)

Visual: Dark bronzed red, almost mahogany.

Viscosity: Glacial slow and thin streaks, some pick up pace about half way down the glass.

Nose: Subtle red grapes, planed wood and “quicksilver” feel as you breath in. Blackcherry and white wine mixed with hints of vanilla beans. No notes are particularly dominant. Water adds floral and grain, liquorish dust and spiced raspberries.

Body: Marzipan, tangerine peel and honeycomb. Golden syrup and brown sugar. Water brings light vanilla yoghurt, honey and spiced raspberries combined with a custard sweetness.

Finish: Strong oak and charring, the alcohol is pretty evident, surprisingly considering the mellow character of the rest of the whisky. Hot cross buns. The wood becomes dominant again as you add water.

Conclusion: After finding the standard Glenlivet distinctly average I was intrigued to see how the aged version played.

It’s a distinctly more complex whisky, but still muted in the force it brings. All the elements are more interesting, but they don’t shout out. It’s a mellow whisky therefore for those who like it rich and easy going, very slippers and dressing gown imagery are called to mind as I drink it.

Not a bad whisky, but not one really aimed at me (how dare they you ask) a decent expansion of the Glenlivit spirit and definitely an improvement, all subtle notes and easy drinking, but not really for a fan of powerhouse whiskies like myself.

(Note: After trying a couple of whiskies that night, I found I was picking up less notable flavours on all of them, so its possible that either the room was a tad too cold to get the whisky roaming the air, or I was not quite on tasting form.  Whiskies I had enjoyed previously I still enjoyed, so I decided the reviews should be accurate enough to put up, but I may not have got the full range down)