De La Senne: Zinnebir (Belgium: Belgium Ale: 5.8%)

Visual: Hazy gold, a shadow cast over its light body by the massive bubbled head of wheat grain colour.  The head diminishes very slowly leaving bubbled sud trails.

Nose: Wheatgrain, peppercorn and light dusting of spices. Cinnamon.

Body: Sharp lemon, wheat and light pineapple. Smooth and refreshing, light treacle touch on the edges. Bitter back. Tea, and a mix of sugar and cream.

Finish: Dry wheat character and popcorn. Bitter trails, hop oils and orange. Grapefruit. Light malt chocolate. Brown sugar and some hops. Air of fruit sweetness, honey and lime.

Conclusion: A light citrus beer with a slow growing hop bitterness.  Initially it seems slightly leaden and unimpressive.  It’s one that seems to shy away as you examine it.  As I closed my tasting notes and prepared to sit down and drink the rest of the beer it decided to surprise me, opening up a sweetness and sour fruit touch that merges with the bitterness to give a balanced beer.

Thus reinvigorated the tasting note book reopened.

It seems the casual swirl around the mouth is the way to go to get the flavours roaming.  As odd one then, which takes a while to open up and shows itself best in casual drinking.  Combined with its wide shifting and usual range that includes odd tea like elements you get an interesting experience.
So a bit of an oddity, and that’s a good thing I find.