Grain D’Orge: Blond Cuivree (France: Belgium Strong Ale: 8% ABV)

Visual:  Dark burnished amber with a decent off white head that pours easily.

Nose: Light lemon, wheat. Some cinnamon spice, slight sharp lime, peppermint and light sourness.

Body: Sweet, light treacle. Lots of rounded malt and honeycomb. Toffee, yet peppered. Lots of dry wheat, wholemeal bread and grapes.

Finish:  Malt and dry wheat hops, dry bitterness. Some crushed leaves. Golden syrup cake, liquorish and charring lightly touch the end. Peppermint again and coffee whitener.

Conclusion: A surprising take on the style, peppermint and dry wheat teasing into the light sweetness, then an amazingly malt focussed body.

This doesn’t turn it into a world shaking beer, but the balance of elements does make for a surprisingly sessionable flavour to the beer. Note by the way I say sessionable flavour only, as the abv will knock you on your rear end far before the flavour gets sickly.

The slight bitter sourness at the end comes in alongside the pepper elements in a subtle dry long lasting flavour.  All in all it’s not bad, it’s crafted well but just doesn’t shine as an example of something you must try.