Springbank 15

Springbank 15 Year (Campbeltown Scottish Single Malt Whisky:15 Years: 46% ABV)

Visual: Dark bronzed gold.

Viscosity: Quite a few thick streaks, moderate speed.

Nose: Madeira. Raisins. Grassy. Caramel. Light smoke and a touch of salt. Brown sugar. Peat. Stewed fruit. Water adds vanilla notes.

Body: Smooth. Stewed apricot. Vanilla. Madeira soaked raisins. Grassy. Light oak. Water adds toffee and more vanilla. Light spice. Light cherries and treacle.

Finish: Light oak. Grassy. Smoke. Water adds raisins, Madeira and brandy cream.

Conclusion: Why, hello again Springbank 15, a full measure this time you say? A full double in fact for delectation? Oh my.

With more time to examine this whisky, I find it to be a real full bodied feast, yet you still have that native grassy Springbank character. What comes out more, however, is deep stewed fruit and Madeira notes – you get a huge chunk of dark fruit complexity, and slow subtle layers of spirit and wine influence. It all combines to crate an appropriately timed Christmas feeling delight of a whisky. Everything that was hinted at in the tiny sample I had before is now magnified at least tenfold.

You have but to breath open mouthed over the glass to get vanilla toffee and brandy cream rising up. You have but to sip to add peat and grass to that, a lovely mix of slid base and sweet ageing.

This the slightly salted and smoked whisky that manages simultaneously to be a Christmas pudding accompaniment to said whisky. An absolutely lovely, rich, layered and complex whisky. A brilliant dram to let slip back and warm you with strength and flavour.

Background: I have previously reviewed this at a whisky show (Original review left below) – however as a Christmas gift my parents gave me a miniature which gave me a chance to give it a proper going over, so I decided to do a full review. Hope you enjoy.

Springbank 15 Year (Campbeltown Scottish Single Malt Whisky:15 Years: 46% ABV)

(Note: Due to being tried at the whisky show, these were smaller measures done in a packed and friendly social environment, so are not as full notes as normal, however the chance to tasting note such a range of high quality whiskies was not to be missed)

Visual: Light clear gold.
Viscosity: A few thick slow trails.

Nose: Light peat and smoke with grass blended in. Quite meaty and almost chewable. Field and hay touches, rounded off with full oak and a touch of old books.

Body: Surprisingly sweet with a touch of honey mixing with the lightly done peat. Then smoke and syrup intertwined. Roast beef again and a slight salt touch.

Finish: Grassy, with a touch of charring. Light grain into growing peat and then smoke mixes in alongside bitter chocolate.

Conclusion: A smooth extension of the already complex Springbank style. The main body is similar done to its younger cousin, but smoothes out remarkably.  This is most notable in the delicious chocolate finish that adds a remarkable bitter touch which complements the smoother main body.  I always liked the grassy, yet balanced peat and salt from the Springbanks and this places a decent richness on top. I have the feeling I’m going to have to get a full bottle at some point to give it a proper range of experimenting.