Dalmore 40 Year (Highland Scottish Single Malt Whisky: 40 Years Old: 40% ABV)

(Note: Due to being tried at the whisky show, these were smaller measures done in a packed and friendly social environment, so are not as full notes as normal, however the chance to tasting note such a range of high quality whiskies was not to be missed)

Visual: Dark honeyed bronze with rich red traces.

Viscosity: A few surprisingly fast steaks and a batch of middling speed and thickness.

Nose: Figs, raisins and milk chocolate. Rich plums, backed by slight dust and mellow oak.

Body: Golden syrup, red grapes and oak. Raisins, an almost custard sweetness, lots of milk chocolate and then building charring.

Finish: A light air, chocolate, charring and raisins. The bitter chocolate hits first then smoothes into a chocolate gateaux style.

Conclusion: A wonderful expression of the already distinctive Dalmore whisky. The nose is fantastic and full bodied, a meal in itself with dark fruits and sultry sweetness.  By comparison the body can but seem slightly a let down with comparative simplicity, even though the chocolate it brings through is delicious in itself.

The finish more than makes up for it, with a distinct creaminess and wonderful expanding chocolate from bitter to milky smooth. A chocolate elegance in a glass.  Most definitely a top notch Dalmore, and one that I would consider the peak of the style if later that day I had not had the opportunity to try the amazingly complex Dalmore King Alexander III which wowed me to new heights (and at significantly cheaper cost).

Still one of the few spirits that reaches this age with such style and panache, worth a try if you get the chance without selling a lung to pay for it.