Gouden Carolus: Classic (Belgium: Belgium Strong Ale: 8.5% ABV)

Visual: Dark reddish brown with a lovely thin brown, coffee froth style head.

Nose: Liquorice, black cherry. Bitter chocolate and dark fruit.

Body: Cream, milk chocolate and blackcherry yogurt. Raisins and more dark fruit. Figs. Lots of malt chocolate.

Finish: Brown sugar, blackcherry. Very sweet with a slight dry chocolate and dusty air. Liquorice again. Slight sourness and bitter trails.

Conclusion: One of the Belgium mainstream absolute classics.

Cream rich and full of dark fruits, its got sweet chocolate interwoven into a dark heavy body with silken grace. So well crafted that I cannot deny it is a true gem, rich and with strong flavour dragging you under.

As I reflected in the tasting note of the Christmas ale that it was a challenging beer full of hidden meanings the same applies here, its invites you to dive into its depths and be taken with its charm as the undertow of flavours pulls you under.

A delicious dark genius.