De Halve Maan: Brugse Zot(Belgium: Belgium Ale: 6% ABV)

(Note: Drunk at the brewery in Bruges, where it is unfiltered due to not leaving the premises)

Visual: Quite hazy, grain yellow rising into darkened orange yellow. Good creamy off white bubbled head with light brown dashings.

Nose: Predominant wheat, coriander and crushed orange peel. Light citrus, some elements similar to the base mash as its brewed still float above it.

Body: Lots of wheat, a more bitter hop back that the filtered version. Light citrus and some greenery. Black pepper and brown bread.

Finish: Dry hops and wheat. Chives. Slightly peppery which grows with the bitterness. Light pineapple.

Conclusion: Having drunk the standard version of this several times around Bruges, I was happy to discover the brewery tour supplies the beer on tap in its unfiltered format which is apparently unavailable elsewhere.

The drink is definitely superior in this fashion, the hops and peppery elements are more prominent and the sweetness reigned in a touch. We were sampling it with a selection of cheese, which complemented it well.

Overall the standard Zot is a decent beer if not showy, this adds a touch of grit and hop bite which makes for a much more varied beer and well worth trying if your in the area.

The distinctly better option when it comes to the Zot.