Brewdog: Edge (Scotland: Mild: 3.2% ABV)

Visual: A dark tanned brown with a cappuccino froth head that is solid and creamy.

Nose: Creamy, cappuccino and nutmeg. Cinnamon. Terrys chocolate orange (well the orange part if that makes sense), walnut and pineapple.   As the froth lightens the nose does likewise.

Body: Charring, solid bitter with just a hint of grapefruit hops. Malt chocolate. Slight rough texture. Good dose of popcorn texture/flavour and dry hops.

Finish: Bitter and charring, peanuts. Light pineapple, chalk, then the bitterness rides on in.

Conclusion: Mild as a style, has never really clicked for me. Mainly as when it succeeds in its aims the most it seems least like a type of beer I enjoy.

This however is a surprisingly solid pint, the Brewdog standard grapefruit and pineapple hops are weaved lightly throughout the solid bitter core. It’s a balanced malty and bitter body combined with low enough ABV to make for a sturdy session pint.

Doesn’t make me rave about the style, but definitely makes me re-examine what can be done with it.


(The usual Disclaimer: I am not 100% unbiased on Brewdog beers, but I do try my best)