Northumberland Brewery: Firkin Freezing (England: Golden Ale; 3.9% ABV)

Visual: Light amber with a shimmering white head.

Nose: Light syrup and orange. Dry wheat and hops. Toffee.

Body: Good sour bitterness. Thick textured – almost syrup thickened. Lime jelly. Toffee. Decent hops and quite sweet. Golden syrup and grapes.

Finish: Big bitter hops, syrup and lemon fresh. Charring and malt chocolate. Oddly strawberry jam at the edges. Vanilla and pineapple hops.

Conclusion: I am quite taken by this beer. Quite straightforward, yet punches the flavour home with its thick body and good hops set.  Feels like a far heavier beer than its ABV would suggest.  Questioning the crowd blind on suspected ABV got answers in the 5 to 6 percent region.

Lots of energy, and you can have a few without falling over. However the strong flavour may make it not quite perfect for sessioning, though the citrus freshness over the charred end may help it do the job reasonably.

This one really delivers, not much of a contemplation ale, nor an assault . This is a proper pint northern style, well made, and solid enough to resist the cold weather.

It may be firking freezing, but it don’t need no jacket. A great northern pint.