Westmalle Dubbel (Belgium: Abbey Dubbel(Trappist): 7% ABV)

Visual: Dark slightly reddish brown with a decent light coffee brown froth head.

Nose; Malty hops, brown sugar, washing up liquid freshness but not aroma. Aniseed and liquorice. Figs and raisins. Overripe fruit sugar. Slight sourness, bitter chocolate and spice. Cane sugar

Body: Malt and barley, charring, liquorice and brown sugar. Raisins, bitter back. Slight cream and dark fruits.

Finish: Charring, aniseed, black hard liquorice buts, treacle. Bitterness and wheat.

Conclusion: If I remember rightly this was the beer that started my long love affair with Trappist ales.

It’s a dark sweet and just slightly sour beer, full force and slightly harsh and distinctly bitter flavours into a massive wheaty endgame.

Combine this with liquorice, aniseed and treacle and you have a harsh uncompromising beer, but one that appeals beyond its force. It has just enough release from the brown sugar and bitter chocolate to make it welcome.   In fact this has been brought along to several house parties and was found very welcome by drinkers who had not previously been exposed to its charms

Fantastically gripping and heavy beer, full of cane sugar and kicks far more that its not insignificant abv would suggest, this full of flavour that grips and manhandles you, but eases just enough to make you continue.
A great beer.