Brewdog: Stone Brewing: Cambridge: Juxtaposition (USA: Imperial  Pilsner: 10% ABV)

Visual: Black thick pour with a creamy brown head, almost stout like in nature.

Nose: Creamy, black cherry, treacle and cloying cream. Grapefruit hops and pineapple. Cloying fruit, apricot. Coffee. Dry malt and open fire undertone. Massive roasted nuts and bitter chocolate.

Body:  Huge malt, bitter chocolate, roasted nuts and subtle festive spices.  It really has a brilliant roasted feel to it. Christmas cake. Pineapple, grapefruit and rich milk chocolate all intermixed.  Massively sweet to offset the roasted nature, and tiny touch of chalky texture.

Finish: Bitter chocolate, charring, roasted nuts and campfire. Grapefruit. Massive bitterness then really hits home.

Conclusion: Wow, well I never thought I’d try this one. As far as I had been aware this had never hit the UK, but at Brewdogs bar in Scotland I finally found it.  So what was the one thought that dominated the tasting.

You’re telling me this is a black pilsner? Pull the other one!

This is a huge beer packed with American hops and bitterness in an IPA style rammed up against a sweet stout style nose, and a massive sweet and smooth texture only occasionally offset by a touch of chalkiness.  This really comes in with so much, and it deserves more time to appreciate than I had to give it (Due to closing time coming in quickly)

It’s mass of flavour and bitterness hides the abv nigh perfectly.  This really reminds me of those attempts at ultra hoppy stouts, but this does it right. I can but guess that its Pilsner (hah) nature allows it to smooth out that harsh hop stickiness that taints so many of those beers, and instead we get all the stout flavour, massive hoppiness, but also massively easily drinkable.

Frankly this is one of the best beers I have had a chance to try, up there with my all time greats.  Brewdog, Stone and Cambridge I salute you for excellence in a glass.