Bruichladdich 12 (Scottish Islay Single Malt Whisky:12 Years: 46% ABV)

Visual: Reasonably light golden glaze.

Viscosity: Quite a few middling width fast streaks.

Nose: Very light peat, sulphur and brimstone with light oak and beef.  Just slightly salty. Not too heavy for an Islay, but still noticeably of the style.  Slight syrup undertone. Becomes more brine influenced with water, and adds dry beef powder or beef crisps style influence.

Body: Meaty and again surprisingly lightly peated, syrup in the body. Salt water comes out with a drop of water, yet mixes with sweet syrup.

Finish: Meat and salt, slight chocolate cream and charring. More salt and sea water comes out with a drop of water.

Conclusion: An impressively subtle Islay with all of the style but the punch turned way down.  Very beefy and meaty oriented which gives a great texture, and this beef dusting style makes for an interesting nose, though the sulphur influences does not mix well and adds an unwelcome whiff until you put in a touch of water.

The brine aspect from adding water gives a bit of extra interest and makes a sea breeze take on the whisky, well sea breeze munching on a cow if that makes any kind of sense.

It’s amazing what you will write sometimes, whilst drinking whisky, anyway, back to the tasting.

It’s a flavoursome Islay whisky, distinctive without being overpowering, and from what I can find, the very light peat seeming aspects are most likely not from peat at all, as the whisky itself is made from unpeated malt.  A very interesting drink then.

(Guest Note: Will suggests that when I say sulphur in this tasting, I mean in fact it smells like a wet fart. I could not possibly comment)