Brewdog: Abstrakt 03 (Scotland: Fruit Beer: 10.5%ABV)

Visual: The froth rises quickly even as the cork leaves the lip of the bottle.  To give it time to settle I had to ease the cork back in. Moments later the cork ejected into the air, corkscrew and all resulting in a mad dash across the room to the pour the bubbling froth into a ready glass.

An energetic one then

Bitty as can be and fizzy, this bright red beer has a large bubbled off white head with just a hint of reddish hue.  On reflection, the level of bits within it looks almost like a fully working ecosystem.

Nose: Raspberries and antiseptic. Strawberry, smoke and jelly. Medicinal mixed with jam. As the beer warms more and more fruit becomes evident.

Body: Harsh wood, smoke and strawberry backed. Sour fruit, particularly grapes. As it warms the raspberries come out. Bready and wholemeal. Fizzy textured, slightly salty. Touch of fudge and barley.

Finish: Dry oak and bitterness, smoky. Tongue drying and gin. Medicinal, salt and sweet butter.

Conclusion:  Lots of odd thoughts on this one. For one don’t get in a fight with this beer, the pressure inside managed to fire a metal corkscrew nearly a foot into the air.  That’s pretty impressive.

Second, this beer really needs some heat to get going. I initially slightly chilled it and the fruit flavour nigh completely died.  Warmed up and the intense whisky air got something to fight with as the fruit came back once more.

Thirds, this beer reminds me of prototype 27, but whilst that was too sweet, this one if full on whisky influence that kicks like a mule and is better for it.

Still, I would say its the weakest of the four Abstrakts so far, but still good – its just the others rated from very good to fantastic.

A harsh and contrasting fruit whisky ride.