Aberlour: A’Bunadh (Speyside Scottish Single Cask Malt Whisky: No Age Statement: 60.9%)

Visual: Dark burnished red, almost like red wine and treacle mixed together.

Viscosity: Very slow puckering and tiny crawling streaks.

Nose: Almonds, dust and treacle. Very pungent and heavy. Vanilla undertones. Christmas cake and sherry. Honey. With water it becomes much more floral with a touch of liquorice, and more honey. Even more brings out the odd mix of coffee cake and cherries.

Body: Red cherries, cream and a burning strength. Toffee fronted.  Water makes much more toffee evident. Still a very chewy powerful whisky.  Some coffee liquor and much more cream as you add more water.

Finish: Charcoal and chocolate. Light citrus as the power wears off. Black cherry when you add water with a hint of yogurt. Coffee and cream, Light spice.

Conclusion:  This really brings everything to the table and the kitchen sink.   Its flavours are nigh indestructible to heat and cold, from the burning treacle at cask strength, to toffee, cherries and cream with water. With all this you can pretty much treat it as a “Make your own favourite whisky” experimentation set.

Really heavy and thick with flavour, it’s like a ton of strong sensation ditched straight onto your tongue.

As heavy duty a whisky as you get without going the peat and salt assault route.  This really shows how to do a cask strength well. Goes well with some Christmas cake, and the like for a real warming Christmas.